Starter Guide

When you first join GammaCraft, you will find yourself at the hub. The hub is simply a gateway to Towny, and allows for a queue. To start playing, connect to Towny using the server selector (compass), or the NPC.


When you first join Towny, you will find yourself at spawn. There are many important things there like NPCs that are used to access server features, informative holograms, crates, etc… To start playing, you should get yourself some jobs and activate quests if you like. After that you can use /rtp to get randomly teleported and officially start your journey!

There are many ways to get around the server, and with that, many places to go. To get back to spawn, use /spawn. We also have POIs and other important places to go, like the resource world, marketplace, crates, pvp arena, and more! Use /warps to see a list of warps. Player warps are an awesome feature as well. If you have Emerald or Obsidian rank, you can set player warps. These work just the same as warps, but are set up by players. A great example of what a player warp might be used for, is a nether highway. To see a list of player warps, use /pwarp list, and to visit a player warp, use /pwarp <warp>.

If you ever require support, make sure to visit our discord as we offer live ticket support. If you need help with server info or commands, our website has it all!