• You must be at least 14 years old to be eligible for staff. All applicants under the age requirement will have their application immediately ignored.

  • You must have previous staff experience.

  • You must have a working microphone.

  • You must have been an active member of the community for at least 2 weeks.

  • [For Builder] You must know Worldedit.

  • [For Moderator] You must know Core Protect.

  • [For Moderator] You must be able to record at a minimum of 720p at 20fps.

Staff Application

Once you have read the requirements, CLICK HERE to apply.

Tips Before Applying

  • Show us you know your stuff. Take it apon yourself to teach yourself things that you may not have known, that are relevant to the role you are applying for. Watch youtube videos, study our information pages, etc... This initiative goes a long way.

  • Make sure the role you pick is right for you. If you are a master builder, but really want to be a moderator with no experience in that field, go for builder! Of course you can teach yourself new things, but you know your strengths, and knowing them could be the difference between getting the job or not.

  • Show us that you care. Do you really want to be staff, or are you just power hungry. Every staff position is very important and helps out the server immensly, so think about who you want to be and why.

Our Application Process

If we like your application and believe you are a good fit for our staff team, we will DM you on discord. If you get no response from us in over a week, your application has most likely been denied. If you get approved, of course we will go over and train you on everything you need to know first.


Below are some brief descriptions of the application process for each role.



  • If you applied for Helper, you will go through briefing, and be put as Trainee for one week as we monitor your performance. If you do well/when we think you are ready, we will give you your official Helper role.



  • If you applied for Builder, you will go through briefing and will have to go through a build test before permanently receiving your role. If you pass, congratulations.



  • If you applied for Moderator, you go through the first phase of briefing, and will be put as Trainee for one week as we monitor your performance. If you do well/when we think you are ready, you will go through the second phase of briefing, and will get Trial Mod for another week as we monitor your performance. After that you will get your official Moderator role.

Brief Role Descriptions


  • The Helper's main focus is the community. They are more than happy to answer your questions, and help you out whenever you may need it. Helpers greet new members and make them feel welcome, and of course offer their full support while always keeping a positive attitude. As a part of our support team, they respond to tickets, and if they can't solve your issue, they will call upon the required staff. Helpers will also enforce rules to the best of their ability by warning, muting, or calling upon the required staff.


  • Builders are called upon when they are needed for server projects. They work hard, and most importantly as a team to get the job done right, and on time. 


  • Moderators are the rule enforcers, and are the people that keep our server clean by using their many abilities such as banning, rolling back, etc... They are always watching and catching rule breakers daily. As a part of our support team, moderators will also respond to your tickets and help to solve your issue.