Server Rules

These rules range across in-game, and discord.


1. No harassment or abuse of any kind. Toxicity and starting drama will not be tolerated.


2. Hacking and abusing exploits is prohibited. This includes auto-clickers.

3. We are an English speaking server, so please keep it English.


4. Griefing and/or stealing is not allowed. This includes killing other players, however friendly duels are allowed if both players agree.


5. Anything done to harm the physical integrity of the server, such as lag machines, is prohibited.


6. No spamming of any kind, (this includes pinging staff and forms).


7. No Indecent profile pictures, names, statuses, builds, skins, or town/nation names. This includes impersonating staff with nicknames. Staff have the right to remove a build deemed inappropriate without warning.


8. DMing and pinging staff is not allowed. If you need help, create a support ticket in the #↬╎support channel.


9. Try and keep all conversations on-topic according to the channel.


10. Advertising other servers or DM advertising is not allowed. This includes using our server as an LFG for other servers or games.


11. All NSFW content is to go in #★╎memes, anywhere else is not allowed.


12. Moderators and above have the final say in disputes, no questions. If you believe a staff member is abusing their power, click here to fill out a report.


13. All rules are subject to common sense.


To report players, create a support ticket on our discord.