MobArena is a fun, wave based pve game with varying difficulties and rewards. There three different arenas each with different difficulties, easy, medium, and hard. You can travel to the arenas by walking up the castle stairs at spawn to get to the castle, or you can warp to it with /warp mobarena. From there you will have different options in terms of difficulty selection, and other info.


When at an arena, you will first spawn in the arena’s lobby. From there you will select a kit from the signs, and ready up by clicking the iron block found in every arena lobby. When you are ready, it will teleport inside the arena and the waves of mobs will start spawning. (There are even bosses)! The longer you last, the harder the waves get. In the process of killing the mobs, you will level up skills, and get rewards. Keep in mind that multiple people can play the arena at once, all you have to do is join the same arena and follow the steps! There is also an auto-ready timer that will make all non ready players spectators, as not to have someone delay the arena.


When you finish in the arena, the plugin will reset the arena to be ready for the next competitor(s). Players that die in the arena will become spectators. Other players that were not initially part of the competitors can also spectate with a command. To leave the arena at any point, use /ma leave.