Custom Enchants

As requested by the community, custom enchants have been added. There are so many awesome enchants that you can grind for, and add to your gear! The base command is /enchants, this will open up a GUI menu where you can overview all things to do with custom enchants. You can also find custom enchants menus at /warp enchants. 



The Enchanter lets your purchase a random enchant from a specific category. Quests go hand and hand with enchants, as you can get loads of experience from them to spend on enchants. You can access the enchanter menu from /enchants, the NPC, or directly with /enchanter.


The Alchemist allows you to exchange books and dust. Exchange two books of the same type and level, for the same enchanted book or a higher level. Exchange two magic dusts of the same rarity, for the same dust or higher level. You can access the alchemist menu from /enchants, the NPC, or directly with /alchemist.


The Tinkerer allows you to exchange books for dust. Exchange the custom enchanted book into the menu by clicking on it. You will see a preview of the trade you will receive, and at the bottom, you can click accept trade in either corner.


Enchanting an item is simple. As it says on the enchanted book, just click it and drag it onto the (correct) item you would like to enchant. Keep in mind that there is a chance that the enchant can either not work, or break the item entirely! Of course this chance varies for every enchant, and it tells you in its preview. To increase the chance of the enchant working, use magic dust, which is described below.


Magic dust used to increase the success rate of an enchant. To get magic dust, visit the Tinkerer. To upgrade your magic dust, visit the alchemist. There are different types of dust for each enchant category which can only be used on only enchants from that category. Mystery dust also exists, which does nothing and is just a failed bi-product of magic dust.